The Lovely Home Next Door….?

Plaid HouseLast week while showing a home to my clients, we noticed something unusual. Across the street was a very notable home. In fact it was plaid. Yes plaid – the whole house. It wasn’t awful but you certainly could say strange. The seller of the property we were viewing was home, and I had to ask him about the house. Subtext of question: is your neighbor a kook? He had a great answer prepared about the generosity and community spirit of said neighbor.

So what to do? Your home has a place that is not the neighborhood showplace nearby. Peeling paint, unkept yard…or just strange. When it comes time to sell, how can you frame this for your potential buyers? The first is to see if a plain old helping hand might be useful. I’ve had clients mow lawns, cut trees and help and financially stretched neighbor to clean up. It was appreciated by all. But you can’t change taste. If plaid or purple is what you’re looking at out the window, this is the time for a great story about the character, charm and personality of your great hood! And possibly, better blinds.

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