Ready To Show Tip #1: They don’t call it curb appeal for nothing…..

Car_tree_600We just survived “snowpocalypse!”  Now that we’ve removed the limbs that fell on the lawn (or the tree across the street in my case!) it’s left the front of many homes here in the Triangle in need of a bit of care.   Don’t let March become June without tending to the actual “curb appeal” of your home.  Clean out that front curb where the muddy stream ran down the street (that dirty sidewalk makes a less than perfect first impression too).  Check for loose or clogged gutters, and broken or missing flashing materials, which help to prevent leaks behind the gutters.  Get ready to trim the lawn (especially those early greens that shot up on our 60+ degree days!) and trim the bushes.  Soon, you’ll be wiping down that lawn furniture for spring use, and don’t forget to fix any loose or dangling shutters.  There!  All better, winter almost over.  Estimated cost:  Mostly free!  However, completely replacing gutters can be expensive.  Replacing just parts is more economical.  A 10- foot gutter starts at $6. downspouts start at $8.  If you want to get fancy, a new garage door costs about $1000, but a decorative garage door hardware kit starts at $19.

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