Ready to Show Tip #2: Your Door and More

The door is both functional and symbolic. I was out with clients the other day and I noticed the restless anticipation the buyers had as they waited for me to open the lockbox (and yes, electronic lockboxes are coming soon to the Triangle to simplify & make more secure this process). While the buyer waits on the porch, they not only get extra time to look at the view, listen to traffic and observe the neighbors, but they are thinking “is this the one?” and getting keyed up (no pun intended!)

First impressions mean a lot! For this reason, and many more it’s important to evaluate every entrance. It’s not just the front door that will be given a once over. “Doors offer a huge bang for the buck” says ChrisNeumann, director of operations for Pyramid Builders in Annapolis.

Here are a few “Ready to Sell” tips:
• Update interior doors or at least replace hinges and knobs (brass is still NOT in!)
• Replace any rickety bi-folds on closets with double swing or heavier solid-core doors. Estimated costs: door hinges can cost $3, unfinished pine interior doors start at $99. TIP however, if you haven’t ever re-installed a door, be ready to do some adjustments.
• Even adjusting and planning current doors can help them close better, and it’s practically free.

As the lady said, “You Had Me At Hello.”

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